Susan Mecklenburg


Over a decade ago Susan made the move from Atlanta to Los Angeles to start a career in fashion. Since then, she’s worked for a variety of swimwear, activewear, and high-end contemporary clothing lines, eventually launching her own brand, Elevate and Collide. Starting the brand from scratch allowed Susan to expand her creative and technical skills, enabling her to transition into a role as a founding designer at Fabletics, an activewear line co-founded with Kate Hudson. After catching the entrepreneurs eye at JustFab, Susan was given the opportunity to head up design for Fabletics. For the past 3 years she has been adapting her experience from the traditional design world to the new and innovative online world.  

Fabletics is a brand new way for design. It’s exciting to experiment in bold ways with this new online shopping experience. Everything needs to be considered from a user’s perspective. You are no longer considering what a buyer or group of buyers might be looking to acquire, instead you are looking to the individual, pinpointing what they do and why they do it. Seeing in real time what people really want is absolutely priceless and is the newest dimension to design. We can move quickly to adapt to the indicators, make adjustments and really make elevated activewear that people want.

Which company are you representing? Fabletics
Name  Susan Mecklenburg
Job Title  Senior Design Manager
  • March 1 Sun | Fit4theFly - Active Wear / Sports Wear
  • March 2 Mon | Fashionista Now Boarding
Business Mailing Address  800 Apollo Street 
El Segundo, CA 90245 
United States