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FEATURED GUEST: Charles Ressler

Posted on February 19 2015

  • Feb 28 Sat | Sugar Rush - Swim Wear / Resort Wear / Gems
  • March 1 Sun | Fit4theFly - Active Wear / Sports Wear
  • March 2 Mon | Fashionista Now Boarding

Cutting-edge, multifaceted and community-minded creative visionary builds dreams into reality, concepts into results, and conversations into customers.
Charles S. Ressler bridges conceptual strategies with seamless implementation and delivers market ready plans, products, promotions and productions on time; every time.
A multi-platform marketer that understands segmenting and targeting audiences just as much as cultivating cross-generational markets, Charles is a builder. From community outreach to corporate boardrooms, ideas become actionable plans with measurable results.
Sometimes it takes a village but occasionally you just need one determined visionary to bring a team together to move forward with precision. Charles S. Ressler, according to the Las Vegas Weekly, is a creative juggernaut; the blind devotion, loyalty and leadership the First Friday Foundation and organization needed to grow its attendance and sponsorships, and begin grabbing the attention of the community. The creative warrior the Life Is Beautiful festival gladly wrestled with its inaugural year to help guide its Art Odyssey curator, battle the festivals crisis communications and successfully orchestrate remote promotional activations.
From New York to Las Vegas, and stops throughout Europe, Charles S. Ressler can balance hutzpah and ingenuity and deliver style and promotable success for any brand.

Publications, Awards and Proclamations  Executive producer of three Grammy Award Winners  Jewcy Magazine feature  Las Vegas Sun feature  Seven Magazine feature  2013 Las Vegas Weekly Awards: Best Person to Know  Mayoral and Congressional Proclamation: Economic and artistic impact on Las Vegas

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