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Dawn Nguyen
Dawn moved to California from Asia in her early twenties. She graduated from UC
Riverside with a Bachelors in Business Administration in 2011. During this time, she was
selected as a part of a Cohort of 23 students study at University of Oxford program
"Global Enterprise Management," achieved a certificated given by Director Department
for Continuing Education University of Oxford and School of Business Administration at
UC Riverside. Dawn went to FIDM as a fashion designer in P.D program. After a years
of education, Dawn has started designing her own clothing line calls «Dawn Sunflower."
During time attends at FIDM, she recently completed a couture evening gown collection
for Las Vegas Fashion Week, along with R-T-W during Birmingham Fashion Week,
Orange County her private runway show, Plitz NYC Fashion Week, NYC Couture
Fashion Week, just named a few. She also participated in an international student
competition and was selected as finalist designs at the Royal Fashion Show in Feb 2nd,
2013. The Busy seamstress has also submitted sketches and completed sewing a full
dress for a Princess Diana competition. Additionally, she just did a runway show R-T-W
collection in Arizona in June, 2013, "Brave Wings Fashion Show" A Charity Runway
show support to children/women. "If you love fashion, then you need to be passionate
and dedicate to it. Life is not about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself," says
Dawn. "Creativity is not about the result, but the journey. Don't follow "creativity" by the
ideas of others, but by your own taste or styles.», says Dawn.
*As a word of wisdom for aspiring designers? "Be confident in your creativity, be willing
to try something new and challenging, never give up too early before attempting, and
remain passionate to what you do and love."
*How do you define your particular style or approach to fashion?
My work concentrates on adapting materials, fabrics and color into something more my
emotion, personal and contemporary. Understanding what are the key factors when
starting as a designer and creativity is very important. I think one thing I’ve started to
understand about myself is not to force it. Letting things happen naturally is important to
my work. My secret is listening soft-love song, something makes me feel sad and strong
emotion that was how I start to my inspiration. Working in this way gives me the
backbone to create collections with a real story which can resonate with the viewer.
Sometimes, I enjoy taking inspiration from nostalgic memories, life experiences, pieces
of painting art or any art sculpture. For me «a fashion designer» its about having energy,
vibrancy, feeling and touching. Whatever could make you feel enjoyed and just don’t
take it too seriously or force yourself to it, such as «creative, ideas, styles,» and so on.
Creative happens without the analysis. It naturally comes to you where you do not have
to force yourself into it.
If Emotions are the key driver to make your daily decisions of how your own work-life
balance then Feelings makes Creative stays. No matter of what feelings you have about,
«positive or negative." The feeling makes your designs ideas. Motivation is central to
creativity and Your Heart creates «a beautiful runway show."
~Dawn Sunflower~


Big Goal/Dream and The Feeling inspire me. Creative happens without the analysis. It naturally comes to me where I do not have to force myself into it. The Sky is Not The Limit. There's no words to be meaning "Good Enough" for me.

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