DESIGNER | Annabelle Frese
Driven by playful, vintage-inspired, and colorful styles, Annabelle Frese strives to design garments that express a muted uniqueness and high-end individuality. As a priority, she wants all people to fearlessly be themselves without concern of judgment. As a designer, Annabelle is inspired by history and cultures. She loves studying the chronological landscape of fashion and art: why clothes were worn and what influenced visual expression over decades. Annabelle aims to take classic and historic silhouettes and add her modern twist to generate new styles. Annabelle graduated with a degree in Apparel Design & Production from Kansas State University. She designed her own swimsuit line for Bawdee Swimwear, focusing on trendy suits for beach babes. Currently, Annabelle is an independent designer for her own brand Fashion AF, which creates custom garments for a variety of events.

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Fashion History, Vintage Clothing & Trends

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