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Conchi Fernandez
Conchi Fernandez, a life dedicated to the art of creating one-of-a-kind pieces of handcrafted jewelry in Spain. Kuka jewelry emerged in 2016 from the mind and hands of cordovan designer, Conchi Fernández. Her extensive career in the artisanal sector of Cordova jewelry began when she obtained her degree from the jewelry design school, at Cordova, Spain. Her achievements include: The Leonardo da Vinci and Grasser Giogielli scholarship, Turin, Bassano de Grappa, Italy Accorded first place in 2006 for her theme “Caprice of the Sea” at Joyacor Design Jewels with Japanese Coral in Cordova, Spain Finalist in the first Andalusian Designers Contest, Elio Berhanyer, in 2008 Conchi has designed for many prestigious firms Question: – Conchi, to begin, why Kukka? Answer: – Well, as you may know, Kukka means flower in Finnish. You may also notice that our logo is a simple flower and that our Mantra is, “La Tierra ríe en Flores” or, “Earth Laughs in Flowers”. This catchphrase embodies our passion for nature and all things natural. That is the simple answer. Having said that, my line of high fashion jewelry allows me to express my feelings and my view of Life by paying homage to the Many wonders that nature provides us. Concepción Fernández Question: – The talent you’ve shown during your career is well known, but where does that ability to create come from? Answer: – I’ve never really given it much thought. I have always loved drawing, and arts and crafts. Perhaps having a happy childhood, and with the support of my family, I was free to develop my creative abilities. I had wanted to study Fine Arts in Granada, but due to the high cost, I remained in Cordova to study the art of designing and making jewelry. My high school teacher of Plastic Arts suggested to me that I attend “The Consortium of Jewelry School”. This turned out to be an invaluable experience because I learned how to both model and design in wax medium. It was there that I learned many of the secrets involved in the production of jewelry, from the initial design phase to the finished product. With the passage of time I learned that creating beautiful handcrafted jewelry was very rewarding from an artistic standpoint. I also learned how important the advice of a good teacher can be. Question: – What do you feel when you are in the process of creating a new collection? Answer: – It is an incredible mix of intense feelings. Frenzy, uncertainty, passion, fear, joy, and a hundred others … all together at the same time. When I am in that groove, that zone, it is difficult to disengage until completion. The happiness it brings to me is indescribable! Somehow, I am able to understand what would be felt by Michelangelo, Picasso, or Ives Saint Laurent when they were creating their works of art. Finally, what it means for me to design jewelry is to honor the artisan heritage of my city, Córdoba, one of the most important cradles of jewelry manufacturing worldwide.

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