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Danielle Poe

Hey! I’m, Danielle Poe, the CEO and Designer of the line JAGged Edge Jewelry! I wanted to do something bold and new so I created the marble stud and began designing it in its truest form. This line is edgy, bold, elegant, and unique. I was a Fashion Major at Auburn University with a Minor in Business and Marketing. I have a background of over 20 yrs working in retail in upscale locations coupled with makeup artistry for southern regional and local magazines, brides, as well as Fox Sports, Talladega, NASCAR, Fashion Weeks, PBS, and Tuscaloosa Media Center. Creativity is in my blood to say the least and a lot of it comes from my mom. The business side I get from my dad. I reside in Birmingham, AL with my husband and son - whom the line is named after- Jag. He is 3 and a half yrs old! He is a true miracle and has quite a story of survival as I do too. Strength is something I feel you either have or you do not. Being a Wife, Mom, and a Christian, now those three things are my pride and joy in life along with helping others and giving back. I donate regularly to Special Equestrians, Hope for Autumn, Lovelady, and any other causes that are brought to my attention. I have a passion for helping others and for fashion and design. This line is Legally Patented as I am the first to create the marble stud earring! The jewelry line consists of materials such as marble, stone, glass, metal, leather, cowhide, and wood! JAGged Edge is carried in Texas, Florida, Alabama, South Carolina, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Tennessee. The line is carried in 38 locations and I am an emerging designer- been doing this for 3 months all myself- manufacturing, creating, designing, marketing, advertising, business, bossbabe! I’m also talking to two National magazines about an article on myself and the line. Also coming soon to New York, Georgia, and California over the next month!

I love the OC, Balboa Bay Resort, and I was born in Cali and lived there for 4 years!

God, People, Our Surroundings, Love, Family, Fashion!


God, People, Our Surroundings, Love, Family, Fashion!

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