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Dia Ates
Aniq Flaire is a fashion concierge atelier with an in-house styling, designing, sourcing and manufacturing. Aniq Flaire is lead by Dia Ates, an international villa, fashion, luxury designer and philanthropist with a very talented team dedicated to producing beautiful creations to suit you. Having an atelier in Cebu, Philippines with highly skilled seasoned artisans, internationally trained designers, and access to special fashion materials around the world, Aniq Flaire afford its customers a wide array of possibilities to create very specialized garments tailored to their specific details. With such high concentration on luxury design and attention to refined detailing in their craft, Aniq Flaire is a social business with an aim to create beyond exquisite designs for their beloved customers, as their core mission envelopes human development with responsible productivity to support sustainable initiatives along with profitability. MANIFESTO _____ At Aniq Flaire, YOU are the monarch of self-expression. Creating your personal wardrobe is at your command. It’s all about you.

it will be a symbolic moment to be the first to do a runway at the bridge of peace in Soka University while launching our brand and first collection

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