My love for fashion started as a child as I admire my stylish mother wear her beautiful dresses she made herself.Her hair is always done beautifully. I grew love dressing up and love beautiful things, that’s who I am . My mom was a very talented seamstress and made thousands of dresses for people, without any patterns might I add. I was so fascinated as a child my mother’s creations, and slowly I started to have my own ideas on how I thought pieces should be . I began to challenge my mom to do thing my way and she would ask me to leave and told me to go play or do my homework . Later , my mom start believing in me and actually listening to my suggestions so she would make me her model first before doing her projects for others . My mom made such beautiful clothing for my sisters , myself and my brothers , that others would ask where we bought our clothes. I would cut out dresses from my mother’s catalogs and try to start creating my own. Even when it was a challenge. I never gave up because I knew that this was my dream. In college I took Bachelor Science in Nursing and graduated and been very happy and successful in my career. Wow! Go Figure!!! Why??? Being a nurse is part of my calling and never regret it. I love what I do. I still work and very active as a health professional, but fashion is my passion. In early 2016 , I began designing again seriously and opened a showroom for my collections . Although busy having a full -time career and LyCass Classic Design as my own business ., I am happy to be growing and innovating new ideas everyday. I believe nothing is impossible, and no dream is too small if you put your heart and soul into it. Answer to your calling, and follow and embrace your passion. No Dream is too small.

I think is a great opportunity for anyone with same passion and interest to showcase my talent,. This is my first time in OCfashionweek and I am excited

Nature,culture,movements, color, variations and good energy


Nature,culture,movements, color, variations and good energy

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