The Luxury Market of California

Megan Tsuyuki
Don’t disappear into the crowd... Distance yourself with INKnBURN, art on athletic apparel. Made in Southern California. I specialize in understanding and applying new technologies to traditional industries with an emphasis on the creative and design aspect. Wonderful feeling athletic apparel hand-crafted here in the USA, to keep you comfortable and cool for any athletic activity! Our Dry I.C.E. Fabric is light, stretchy and has a silky feel to keep you cool and dry. All of our athletic apparel is easy to care for with color that stays vivid for years. So comfortable you'll forget you have it on until someone says, "Hey! Cool clothes!". INKnBURN is composed of a small group of people who are fiercely dedicated to designing and creating innovative, high-quality and hand-crafted apparel. Our favorite people to design for are those who don’t want to blend in with the crowd. Ever notice in that huge pack at the start of a race you’ll see maybe 10 different shirts? We decided to change that. We also know that beauty is only skin deep, and that apparel needs to be well crafted, high quality, and feel as good as it looks. So we started with the athletes who demand the most from their tech shirts: endurance runners. We knew that if we could design a shirt that a person could wear for a 100-mile race and still stay comfortable and cool in, then that shirt would work for any athletic endeavor. Since our start in endurance apparel, we’ve added tank tops, sports bras and shorts. There’s much more in the works that we’ll announce after it’s perfected. INKnBURN fabrics are super lightweight, breathable and are made from the highest- quality, wicking soft poly. Our unique process enables us to create beautiful, vibrant images that you can see but not feel. It also gives us the freedom to create designs that you won't find anywhere else on the planet.

The creativity and soulfulness

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