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My name William Perry Jones II. I was born & raised in St. Paul, Mn. As a little boy I loved to draw everything. I was put in art school around the age of 7. I got introduced to modeling from a lady friend in my early 20’s. The photagrapher thought I had a nice look. For the next 12 years I did print ads, fashion shows, wedding expo's & acting in hollywood.   As I moved out west to Arizona, I was still searching for my niche. With a help of a co-worker, a fashion designer herself, she showed me a mens fashion sketch she did for her class and I made one for her just for fun. She said I was a natural. Well a light went off in my head 30 years prior. The gifts that was given to me has come full circle. More divine connections to get me to the right people, manufacturers & other important people on how to start a business. The rest is history. I moved to the Los Angeles area in 2016 to continue to grow my business. Our motto is "STYLE IS YOUR SUCCESS"!  

It’s a beautiful county with lots of style & class. I like to market my brand more for more seasoned young professionals & entrepreneurs which I believe OC has.

To fulfill my God given gifts everyday & be a blessing to someone with my gifts

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