The Luxury Market of California


Born into the dramatic world of theater, Reyna Martel has lived a fruitful life filled with art and creativity. Although born in Laguna Hills, California, she grew up and spent a majority of her childhood in California’s Central Valley where she lived in the Apricot Capital of the World. It was a charming and quaint town, and has grown steadily throughout the years, offering room for creative growth and artistry.

However, although the exposure Martel had that introduced her to her passion and drive for art and creativity served as a great foundation for that passion, her own personal artistic growth and creative outlet could not start and end there. Her ambition sparked a strong curiosity in her which set her forth on her journey towards her future. After moving to Orange County and enrolling in The Art Institute of California, she embarked on her path to Fashion Design. The art and craft of fashion and style has opened up a strong creative prowess within her that has taken her this far. Developing a passion for the art of design, style, color theory, patternmaking, textiles and technical design, Reyna Martel is determined to establish herself in the fashion world and let her artistry and creativity speak for themselves through her fashion and design.




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