Joining this landmark event this season is Belorussian designer Tatiana Shabelnik, who brings her globally inspired collection “Contrast” to the runway on Wednesday, March 8 at 7 p.m. The show will take place at 
Soka University’s Founders Hall with runway seating beginning at 6 p.m. 

“Contrast” is a dramatic fusion of bold colors and contrasting textures in leather, silk, and chiffon, inspired in part by the colorful works of Belarusian-American artist Vasily Kandinsky and Belarusian/French artist Marc Chagall. Her signature use of orange reflects enthusiasm, warmth, and happiness while also capturing energy and cheerfulness. As a Soviet emigrant, she says that her selection of colors also represents risk-taking, physical confidence, and vivacious competition and independence. 


Contrasting contemporary Los Angeles glitz and glamour with a vivid ancestral past in rural Belarus, Tatiana’s work is rooted in the Belorussian folk dresses of her youth with a modern twist. She provides a cosmopolitan and playful blend of colors and textures inspired by her fearless personality.

A longtime humanitarian, Shabelnik’s collection also takes inspiration from the contrast of poverty and wealth in the world, and the psychological power of vibrant clothing during tough political, social, and economic times. That global inspiration is also reflected in the details and craftsmanship of her designs. 

Shabelnik pays close attention to the design of her European garments as “wearable art.” As noted by the Los Angeles Times, her pieces are a fun “interplay of bold color and contrasting textures.”  “I want people to wear my designs in everyday life, not simply for the sake of a runway,” she says.

Featured in the Los Angeles Times, Whittier Daily News and several other publications, Shabelnik believes in soaring high with her personal style statement.  Two articles in the L.A. Times identify her as being among the emerging and talented designers. Other features have been printed in Fashion MOST Magazine, Elements magazine, Magazine MADAME (Dubai),  Elegant Magazine, OBSCURAE, En Vie (Japan), Dreamingless (UK), and other publications, podcasts and radio interviews. Tatiana’s was featured in Elephantasia, a collaboration among 13 designers at last year’s Vancouver Fashion Week to raise public awareness about the rising elephant crisis in Africa and support advocacy there.  The designers of Elephantasia, including Tatiana, were also featured in a New York Times article as well as published in the UK VOGUE.

In addition to clothing, Shabelnik also designs jewelry to complement and accentuate her clothing.  Anyone who adores one of her short dresses, for example, will love wearing one of her beaded necklaces made from semi-precious stones. With a range of colors and designs, Shabelnik’s jewelry is meant to inspire—much in the same way that Chagall and Kandinsky have inspired her.  Her jewelry, like her clothing designs, is meant to be more than simple merchandise: it is art to be worn and celebrated in daily life. Her unique sense of colors and time dimensions is something pleasing to the eye and perfect to wear. Tatiana Shabelnik, truly, is a designer of passion with the devotion and determination to give this passion the ideal expression. 


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