Ugochi Iwuaba The Nigerian-born fashion designer came to the United States with only one dream, to become a fashion-designer. With multiple degrees in History, International Relations, Real Estates and a solid background in Advertising and Fashion Publication, everything pales in the face of her deep passion for fashion designing. Coming from a culture that is deep rooted in rich, diverse and colorful art that transcends into the clothing, and having been successful with her ‘Shakara’ collection in Nigeria, Ugochi discovered that United States was the best fashion atmosphere to develop her passion to fuse her cultural heritage with western esthetics. She went to San Diego Mesa College to study Fashion. Her first collection debuted in November 2017 at the San Diego Fashion Festival . She went on to showcase at the New York Fashion Week and her designs were received with sensational awe, with two of her designs going viral. She loves to create sophisticated designs that’s are surprisingly functional and comfortable. Mixing fashion design with her background in African art and history, collaborating with artisans and artists from other cultures, she creates pieces that are rich in culture and fluid to many audiences. Her SS 2020 collection ‘Roses and Bullets’ will also be featured in London Fashion Week in September 2019. When she is isn’t pursuing her career as a fashion designer, she is being a loving wife and mother to her three adorable children. She gets involved in her community in San Diego volunteering and mentoring young creatives at the San Diego Community College District.

I love showcasing at OC because I am being showcased to the right audience and being provided with the right tools for success.