Call for Entries

Pandemonium: World of Fashion Photography Award

Sharp Shooters and the Call of the Creative will line up for this year’s OCFW

For Immediate Release:

Contact Claire Farwell 855-365-0247 ext 167

One of the nation’s premiere fashion events, OC Fashion Week® is offering you the chance to showcase your photographic talents and help capture the breath-taking moments from the Orange County fashion community’s most prestigious celebration.

We’re looking for shutter geniuses who can tell stories through their fashion photography in a sexy, tasteful manner.  

You’ll be one of a select group of image maestros. The competition is fierce and we want to see your best work. 

And you’ll have plenty of subject matter to work with – deep pleats, daring creations, and dazzling sparkles – OC Fashion Week® 2016 promises a spectacular flair of savvy cuts and trends to put your click-master skills to the test. As a light-painter extraordinaire you will archive all the color, rhythm and action – on and off the runway.

Last year OC Fashion Week® launched the inaugural Pandemonium: World of Fashion Photography Award and organizers were overwhelmed by the outstanding quality of some of the submissions. To get an idea of what we mean, look at some of the photos below from Viktorija Pasuta whose winning portfolio was displayed at 2015’s World of Fashion Photography at OC Fashion Week® at the Fashion Forum on Day 2 of OCFW. 

Viktorija is a master storyteller; her sensual and powerful images, saturated with vibrant color, celebrate the essence of woman and OC Fashion Week® judges were in awe of her sense of fashion surrealism.

Now it’s your turn to shine. Show us some photographic magic…

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