A Look at Who's Fashioned for the Future: OCFW interviews FashionUnited on Careers


Lori Hernandez
FashionUnited Country Manager USA & Canada

(OCFW) We are really pleased to connect with FashionUnited.com central to all things in fashion trade and commerce online, with that in mind we realize you are at the pinnacle of observing change not only on a quarterly level but daily. With your works in retail trade and as a publication what would you say is the most important advice for you to give to today's youth?

Know the industry! If you want to work in fashion, be informed about the latest industry developments. This will give you an in-depth knowledge, which is also a requirement for most positions. FashionUnited is an online B2B platform that aims at supporting fashion professionals at various stages by sharing fashion news, career opportunities and other crucial information all combined on one platform. Our regular newsletter is pretty useful and will keep you up-to-date if you don’t have time to follow the latest news on FashionUnited.

(OCFW) We have a program titled "Fashioned4theFuture" it is designer to offer college students opportunities to be accountable for executing project management work and deadlines. This year our program is sponsored by the Art Institute of California, Orange County where we have given 15 fashion designers the opportunity to compete for a spot in OCFW in the Fall, they are responsible for completing 3-4 complete looks, and securing their models, submitting their mood boards and finalizing their complete showcase. In your works in the Career services do you find many apprenticeship programs?

The “Fashioned4theFuture” program sounds super exciting! FashionUnited also supports the fashion future via our Fashion Education Network. We work closely together with fashion institutes from around the world, list fashion courses and share news related to fashion education, in order to inform and connect the next generation of industry professionals. There aren’t many apprenticeship opportunities listed on FashionUnited at the moment, but we have many great internship positions in our career center, which are a great way to gain first-hand experiences. You can also find many junior positions from various fashion fields for the first step into the industry.

(OCFW)  What kind of career advice would you offer a fashion design student or student in merchandising when applying for jobs in today's retail world? What do you think is the most effective approach? If they are looking to pursue a career in fashion in this new digital world of commerce and fast online growth?

From my point of view, the key to success is to gain experiences. It’s a great way to build up your network, to discover your strengths and weaknesses and to learn a lot about your profession, even unexpected things that you can’t find in any study book. Being within an actual company environment is different to learning at a university. Companies vary in size and culture, so doing an internship will not only show you what your “dream job” is like in a company setting, but also how it is like in a specific company (small company vs. large retail chain, high-end vs. retail, etc.. It is also very important to stay optimistic, if you apply for a job and get a “no”, don't feel deflated, keep on applying and don’t worry too much! Maybe the company culture isn’t the best fit for you, even though your skills matched the function.