The Luxury Market of California


PR & Marketing: Branding Confidential

$ 1,200.00

There comes a time where being different isn't enough,  you must be Business Affluential (Verified).  Work with influencers in an affluent market and join the Fashion Purveyors on Front Row of the California Riviera. Branded Strategies Front Row of OC Fashion Week: The Scheduled Customized program begins with you! Countdown to OC Fashion Week with us!

  • Orange County Fashion Week is known as a luxury market and a 37 billion retail purchasing power. Isn't it time you redefine your brand? 
  • $1,200 Front Row Sponsor an Influencer with 20k or more followers (1) Day of OC Fashion Week  includes social media strategy and brand campaign 4 Front Row VIP tickets; 1:15 second spot on digital cast of Fashionista Now Boarding ($150 per retailer store during the week of OC Fashion Week - 8 Store Min)
  • Designated Project Manager
  • Designated Insider Influencer
  • 1 Fashion Photographer Designated to Shoot 
  • Custom 3 paragraph Press Release and Monthly Blog

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