6000,00 PAYMENT 2 OF 2 (12,000) of Customized for Toi FTW June 3-10th + OC Fashion Week PAYMENTS DUE APRIL 27TH

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The Goals of OC Fashion Week are to present community opportunities vs. a one hit wonder ad campaign for one event. Our goal is to immerse your brand annually so that you are the pied piper of your services and campaign @ocfashionweek. By offering our exclusive campaigns this allows your brand to thrive without competition of like brands and the exclusivity allows for invitationals for your brands to receive new cultivated audiences through customized collaborations. 

Welcome to OC Fashion Week! Last March OCFASHIONWEEK received over half million media impressions through participation of guests, models, influencers and press over 92k recorded engaged accounts were documented by Instagram as guest attendees used "fashion" as a language to be socially relevant in our works. It was a record for the community! 

 Premiere on Fashionista Now Boarding Official Fashion News and Entertainment Broadcast Show of OC Fashion Week®  ch 44 

OC FASHION WEEK® ELITE is incentive marketing campaign to allow for the maximum brand strategies that not only endorse your brand as the leader in the industry it is also the campaign that dedicates a PROVEN social media athlete AND (2) Two Project Managers to the account to develop your feed on a monthly basis in helping you become a community builder on the runway shows and a community leader so that you can grow  with strategic and selective collaborations and endorsements. 

 OC FASHION WEEK Is twice a year March 2023 and September 2023 

Sponsors are provided options for Semi Annual or Annual Campaigns so their brand experience is dedicated to creating Brand loyalty and incentive campaigns to develop spend. A few facts .. below



The truth is people are the new media, and while we love our media magazines,  sometimes readerships don't sustain or equate what is offered in mass circulation what you can obtain in a single post with the right approach.


Rodeo Drive cannot compete with the OC retail industry Orange County Fashion and Beauty Retail is the leader in economic spend at $42.5 Billion pre covid numbers -- show according to the U.S. Census -- that we far surpass the U.S. average. Ask Sephora South Coast Plaza #1 Beauty Cosmetics in the United States. London may show $40 billion but those are projected  spend in the next 5 years. Orange County neither a city nor a country is a True Fashion Capital not based on economic retail hype per Vogue, but $42.5 billion based on Consumer Spend without the aid of LA.

Fashion Travel Week® - Includes up to 6-12 looks on Celebrity Cruises Rooftop Runway on June 8th , Sailing to Europe June 3-10 includes Toi and her Staff Passengers.

  • Reservation #9276216 / STATEROOM  E2 / Toi Kyles AND Dezmon Green 
  • Reservation #9282209 / STATEROOM E2 / CHRISTOPHER AND KEYA 

OC FASHION WEEK® - Includes 24 LOOKS Sept 2023 SEPT 10-14

Is a lifestyle of  Fashion Destinations in the Luxury Market it allows your brand to align with like minded brands and purveyors in the luxury market with a proven consumer spend.



Model Castings includes:

  • Hair
  • Makeup
  • Venue
  • Dj
  • Shared Showcase Day


Morning Show

PM Itinerary *MODIFICATIONs of schedule may change according to Celebrity Cruises 

  • 1-3pm Setup Venue
  • Hair, Makeup and Models Arrive
  • 230pm Show Run 


Model Castings begin now