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Subject: Re: Official Smile Sponsor @ocfashionweek
From: Katelynn <>
Date: Fri, July 10, 2020 4:39 pm
To: "" <>

Hello Kathryn!

We would like to go forward with being your smile sponsor for OC Fashion Week!

I have a couple of questions. 
  1. Would we be the only dentist you are working with? We would like exclusivity for the year.
  2. Have you had a dental office as the Smile Sponsor before?
  3. From our conversation and email, this is what I believe that we agreed upon. Please look over the outline and let me know if all this is correct or if I misunderstood.
  1. OC Fashion Week Advertising
    1. cost $2500
    2. 4 photo shoots throughout the year. We get to choose models, photographer, and suggest a location 
      1. Models: male/ female and diverse
      2. Photographer: 3 or more different photographers to choose from
      3. We get at least 50 photos from each shoot
    3. Instagram posts on OC Fashion Week Instagram page (11.5k followers) with collab giveaways 
      1. at least 2 per posts photoshoot + additional posts for giveaways
      2. Option to do a 3-9 grid post
    4. Email blasts to 12K locals 
      1. obtained from local OC Fashion shows
    5. Select models to get whitening and/or cleaning before shoot
      1. must be pre-booked prior to shoot to have best results
    6. Can have models post on their personal Insta page (most have 1-10k+ followers)
      1. can't guarantee this, but most models will do this at no extra charge
    7. Feature with links and offers on OC Fashion website