Fashionista Now Boarding the Televised Broadcast

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Become a Featured Influential by Hosting  Show Segments interviewing Guests.  Featured Sponsored Episodes of Fashionista Now Boarding will lead to a privately hosted event locations.

Your Sponsorship Includes your team

  • Project Manager
  • Photography
  • Make-up
  • Hair
  • Stylist
  • Film Crew
  • Five Star Villa

The Official Sponsor of Fashionista Now Boarding highlights fashion, news and entertainment in Orange County leading to OC Fashion Week catwalks to highlight Runway Agenda.

  • Category Exclusivity - No Other CBD Company may be the presenting Sponsor of Fashionista Now Boarding for 3 Months at $500 per month
  • Naming Rights - Your CBD Company has the Naming Rights and is the only company that can be mentioned as the Presenter of Fashionista Now Boarding.
  • First Right of Refusal - No Other CBD company may board without a Counter Offer that you have first right to refuse at the end of your campaign, with option to Renew Sponsorship as the Presenting Sponsor.


Three ways that Fashionista Now Boarding promote your company is through a platform of Land, Air and See Exposure.

LAND | Live Remote Photography and Separate Film Shoot at your place of business.

  • Your project manager will schedule dates to designate as featured regular programming to produce your show segments 
  • Your First Assignment will be to schedule a professional photoshoot highlighting your profession and as you as a "Fashionista" in Orange County
  • Your Second Assignment will be to schedule your film shoots of you interviewing designers, influencers and notables in Orange County to highlight what is trending at OC Fashion Week Feb 28 - March 1
  • Your Third Assignment will be to prepare some ways Fashionistas can prepare their skin for the Winter and Runway Looks for Models (our producer will work with you on highlighting this content) Jan 16th



  • (1) 7-Minute Segments per Episodes Jan 16th
  • 1 Episodes of the Half-Hour TV Show called Fashionista Now Boarding highlighting past catwalk shows and industry interviews
  • 1 Show Segment Tapings at your Business Location (45-Minute Production Show Taping ) Segments 7 Minutes long
  • Monthly Fashion Photo shoots featuring collections upto Edited photos per month featuring a different Photographer 15 Professionally Edited Photos and 15 Social Photos.
  • Featured with Co-Host


 AIR -  Your FNB Sponsorship includes broadcast air time to a Market Reach that spans from San Diego to Palm Springs in Coverage Area through our partners KWHY TV that offers  exposure in a double market penetration for English and Spanish markets. This includes the Following Air-Time Campaigns.

  • BILLBOARDS | 2x:10 Second Opening Billboard featuring your company logo as"Fashionista Now Boarding is presented by Your Company Name" (Feature will run each time your commercial spot runs between each break.) = Airs at the beginning of the Half Hour Show and at the End of the Half Hour Show. ::  12 Total
  • COMMERCIAL SPOTS | 2x:30 Second Commercial Spots per Half Hour Episode :: 4 Commercial Spots Run total on-air KWHY in Southern California for English and Spanish Markets
  • SHOW SEGMENTS | Your Show Segment is 4 minutes long per episode show taping.  


SEE  - Social & Digital Campaigns 

3 Email Blasts (1 per month) 3 months as the New Fashionista Now Boarding of OC FASHION WEEK Email will promote fashion, beauty news and entertainment - 12,000 Subscriber Emails

  • All Fashionista Now Boarding Episodics will be loaded to YouTube which will include your commercial spots and opening and closing billboards
  • Banner Ad feature on the Official E-mail Newsletter as the Official CBD  of Fashionista Now Boarding the Television Show
  • 3 IG Posts Per Month  OC FASHION WEEK includes story posts, IG carousels and crafted content as a leading expert in CBD



$1500- Cart Qty 1 (Value: $671 / month)

  • 1 Televised Segments , 1 Per Catwalk Season (March )
  • 1st Quarter Program
  • Monthly Emails 3 Months
  • Feature on email newsletter OC Fashion Week®
  • Logo and Website Link on website OC Fashion Week®

    VENUE TRADE / with approvals by advisory

    • 3 Televised Segments, 2 Per Catwalk Season (March and September)
    • Annual Program Monthly Emails 12 Months
    • Full feature Banner Ad  on email newsletter OC Fashion Week®
    • Full feature Banner Ad  on website OC Fashion Week®
    • Official Packaging and Presenting Sponsor of FASHIONISTA NOW BOARDING @ocfashionweek includes Step and Repeat Media Wall and Red Carpet


      Fashionista Now Boarding the Televised Broadcast
      Fashionista Now Boarding the Televised Broadcast
      Fashionista Now Boarding the Televised Broadcast
      Fashionista Now Boarding the Televised Broadcast
      Fashionista Now Boarding the Televised Broadcast
      Fashionista Now Boarding the Televised Broadcast