The Luxury Market of California


FIT4THEFLY | Official Fitness Partner of OCFW

$ 4,500.00


We would be honored to have you as the Official Fitness & Health Sponsor of OC Fashion Week honoring you the following privileged sponsor amenities for the Sept OCFW 2017 Collections.

Our programs offer the finest land, air and see promotional sponsorship packages in California and we're honored to share the program with you in the following ways.


4 /Episode Sponsorship investment is $4,500.00 pricing offered good through April 2017. 


  • 4 Interviews  Show Segments (Scheduled April, May and June)
  • 4 Model Auditions (Scheduled Saturdays in August)
  • 4 Day option for Exhibitor space and or branding at OCFW in September.
  • 1x:30 spot run in 4 episodes of Fashionista Now Boarding

In your package you are offered the following privileges:

LAND |  We offer a land component

Your site facilities would be featured in two (2) ways (Foot Traffic to you place of business)


  1. ONSITE REMOTE | Featured Studio Set of OCFW Televised tv show Fashionista Now Boarding
    1. 7 minute segment interview (scheduled 4 Sundays; approx film time is 45 minutes)
    2. Opportunity for staff to interview with special guests, stylist and designers and models
    3. Model trial demos can also be offered as an incentive.
  2. ONSITE | OCFW Model Auditions (4 Site Model Castings held at your Site facilities Saturdays from 1-4pm in August)
    1. Model Castings will be held with option to have seasoned staff share insight on model runway walks to offer
    2. tips, suggestions, exercise trials and/or demos


AIR | We are excited our tv show was renewed for 13 more episodes on MTV affiliate KBEH 7pm Thursday nights beginning air date once more on June 15th through Sept 21st.   This allows us to provide you over 16 millionhousehold reach as a featured sponsor of OC Fashion Week in Southern California's luxury market - Orange County, our fashion capital.


  1. With your show tapings that are scheduled to air during the summer you may also run 1x:30 spot per half hour show during your show segment.
  2. Please provide a :30 second spot run
  3. Show segments will be approx 7 minutes long and also uploaded to YouTube on OCFW for our blog email newsletter to 12k subscribers. 


SEE | Once we begin doing our on site remote features, this allows us to collectively display your products and/services on our social media channels @ocfashionweek on insta / and @orangecountyfashionweek on FB  its exciting because this outlet also allows us to advocate, evangelize and endorse your brand exclusively, no other fitness club will be promoted during your sponsorships, and we also allow for you to provide 'first right of refusal for the 2018' year. 

Brand Loyalty | Team work means everything to us and we have enjoyed the support of sponsors for as long as 9 seasons with Toni and Guy USA and also with new sponsors as Amazing Lash Studio , Zianna Wellness and Pardon My French Nail Bar.   So your sponsorship is endorsed with like-minded brands in exclusive categories allowing your brand to shine.   


  • Your participation includes Daily Fastpass to OC Fashion Week a ticket worth $150.00 allows your Front Row Guests opportunitiy to attend on your behalf, and the tickets may be used as a Giveway on Insta / or Social Media or incentive to ride a trial and receive a pair of tickets with memberships announced as 'Official Sponsor of OC Fashion Week'
  • Option to offer Models Trials for Fashion Photo opportunities and collective images for your guy for your marketing collateral be it at OCFW or throughout the year.


We also work with special requests and in customizing branding experiences suitable for your mission, philosphies and overall marketing messages.

Our collective efforts help devise our Publicity to create an exclusive Press Release Announcement to feature you as the Official Health and Fitness Sponsor at OCFW 



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