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Spa Campaigns / March 2018 Renewal Package - Early Bird

$ 675.00


Early Bird Marketing / Social Media Sponsorship for OC Fashion Week March 2018 / 6 months- (pricing goes up by Sept 5th) 

Discounted to : $4,050 from $6000* (honored thanks to Raad Ghantous) ;-) 

  • 1 Influencer Project Manager
  • 2 Fashion Photo & Video Film / Shoots / Month  with models
  • 1 curated creative content plan
  • 1 scheduled posts
  • 1 group of rotating hashtags
  • 1 x Social Media Takeover / Video Stories uploaded to your Insta  a month by Ali (Ali includes Grammys, Oscars, Emmys and other Hollywood Award shows) 

Quarterly / Holiday Programs include

  • Themed Holiday Marketing Campaigns
  • 1 Monthly Blog for OCFW on Model Health/Wellness / Beauty Tips

Attached is our 6 month renewal program, we provide you the same privileged price of only $675 / month for 6 months leading to OC Fashion Wee in March ok. Its our early bird special, some sponsors are paying more but we blocked your pricing to honor it for you so your good for another season! 

Celebrity Stylist / Ali  Levine will be your --Fashionista Now Boarding --in charge of designing monthly themes of your spa with our team ok and with our models so that we can keep the momentum.


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