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Welcome to OC Fashion Week is currently offering  Category Exclusive Program to one dentist office that would like the Official Smile Sponsor of OC Fashion Week®
The program includes a diversified portfolio of sponsorship benefits throughout the year.
Sponsor Program
$516.00 / Month
12 Month Minimum

OC FASHION WEEK®  incentive marketing campaign allows for the maximum brand strategies that not only endorse your brand as the leader in the industry it is also the campaign that dedicates a Project Manager to the account to develop your feed on a monthly basis in helping you become a community builder and a community leader so that you can grow your feed organically and obtain publicity with strategic and selective collaborations and endorsements. 

OC FASHION WEEK Is twice a year March and July this season and new this year our Red Carpet Awards Show this October 2021

Sponsors are provided options for Semi Annual or Annual Campaigns so their brand experience is dedicated to creating Brand loyalty and incentive campaigns to develop spend. A few facts .. below




The truth is people are the new media, and while we love our media magazines,  sometimes readerships don't sustain or equate what is offered in mass circulation what you can obtain in a single post with the right approach.


Rodeo Drive cannot compete with the OC retail industry Orange County Fashion and Beauty Retail is the leader in economic spend at $45.2 Billion pre covid numbers -- show according to the U.S. Census -- that we far surpass the U.S. average. Ask Sephora South Coast Plaza #1 Beauty Cosmetics in the United States. London may show $40 billion but those are projected  spend in the next 5 years. Orange County neither a city nor a country is a True Fashion Capital not based on economic retail hype per Vogue, but $45.2 billion based on Consumer Spend without the aide of LA.



Is a lifestyle of  Fashion Destinations in the Luxury Market it allows your brand to align with like minded brands and purveyors in the luxury market with a proven consumer spend.



We Offer 3 Components that allow your brand to be a major Partner of OC Fashion Week's thriving luxury market that has a market reach of influencers that the television Bravo calculated at 3.2 Million Impressions in a Single Day March 2019 at the Celebrity Cruises Runway show alone for bloggers.

LAND:: Foot Traffic is an intangible asset to any brand is having consumers in a difficult market. Working as a leading partners for luxury resorts for over 15 years has allowed us to customize experiences as well as on-foot to your store location while staying within the hotel guidelines of what's required for the Covid Environment.

Outdoor Signage - Media Wall - Your Logo Featured as a Media Wall for Press Allows for Maximum Exposure during press and blogger interviews.

Hospitality Feature - Engage with Consumers in an Outdoor Setting your Brand is not presented simply to Promote At People you become a Function of OC Fashion Week so you are a viable part of the Community and a Necessity during their attendance.

Quarterly PhotoShoots  feature 4 Luxury Models to promote your Brand.

Designated Senior Project Manager - For Exclusive Quarterly Photoshoots and 2 Magazine Features for the Year. 

LAND :: Foot Traffic 


FEATURED Host of our Daily Venues Exclusively at OC Fashion Week and Opportunities for Models and Influencers to Visit your Dental Office with Promotional Teeth Whitening Opportunities
  1. Model Photo Shoot Location for Smile ID's and Teeth Whitening Opportunities for Models Before and After Shots in preparation for Runway
  2. Includes Yelp Review.
  3. Monthly Campaigns included at your Dental Location as the Official Smile Sponsor at OC Fashion Week

AIR::  OC Fashion Week is broadcasted on KWHY TV an international cable channel allowing for a double market penetration in both hispanic and english markets from San Diego to Palm Springs.

  • You are entitled 2x:30 Second Commercial Spot Runs per Episode Shows
  • 1x 7:00 Minute Segment or 2x 3:30 Minute Segments featuring your company and business to share insight of your involvement into OC Fashion Week
  • You are entitled opportunities to be an active host on the television show Fashionista Now Boarding® host training is on the spot, we allow for full dedicated team to convert your role as business owner into a television host, this portion is invaluable. You will be interviewing guests Behind the Scenes as we like to call it "Behind the Seams" of the Catwalk. Introducing you as an Expert Purveyor.
  • We produce two commercials a year 2x:30 second spot and 1x :60 second spot
  • Scheduled Video Shoot with our amazing Film Team will be included in this package and your choice of two Runway models in your preferred target demos we assist with this.


SEE:  OC Fashion Week® quintriples in Impressions by tenfold as the guest attendees arrive, and not just any guest, this season guests with 100k 

  • Influencers are provided Gift Bags and Product Reviews 
  • Placement of Gift Bag Insertions are done One Week in Advance
  • Monthly Email Blasts with Prominent Banner Add
  • Annual 3 Rotating Banner Ad on OC Fashion with click through to your Website and Instagram Link Top Banner on Site
  • Featured as  presenter of Designer, Makeup and Photography competitions on all the Trophies for our Red Carpet event in October 2021 Awards Show as the Diamond Presenter
  • Featured Magazine Shoot in June for the July Issue of Riviera Magazine





CATEGORY EXCLUSIVITY - no other product in your category of service may enter the program for up to 12 Months

QUANTITY - 2 PER MONTH: Entitles you to Two Seasons of OC Fashion Week and 12 months of Campaigns of the above



Entitles you to having see you tube to Manage your Feed on a monthly basis for a Full Year 

$516.60 / mo  ( 12-Month Minimum) cart quantity 12
  • Media Wall at OC Fashion Week
  • 3 Social Posts monthly - Stories, Reels, Guides, Carousels, IGTV
  • 7 Minute Segment in Half-Hour Television Shows (1)premiering all the adventures
  • 2 Models one Photoshoots per Month featuring any products filmed for Television.
  • Model Casting ID will feature your logo this June for July Runways 
  • Red Carpet Media Wall Featuring Your Brand
  • Official Smile Trophies for Awards Shows in October 2021
  • Closeup Red Carpet Cam presented by Your Company with your logo featured on Video.


Over 1.2 million views were featured at Lamborghini Newport Beach OC Fashion Week on Fashion Television, and 3.2 Million Impressions observed by Bravo Network Publicity. 

Become the Official Diamond Sponsor at OC Fashion Week®!

  1. OC Fashion Week Advertising
    1. 2 x Four photo shoots throughout the year.  You may choose models, photographer, and suggest a location 
      1. Models: male/ female and diverse options
      2. Photographer: 3 or more different photographers to choose from
      3. We get at least 50 photos from each shoot
    2. Instagram posts on OC Fashion Week Instagram page (12.6k followers) with collab giveaways 
      1. at least 2 per posts photoshoot + additional posts for giveaways
      2. Option to do a 3-9 grid post
    3. Monthly Email blasts to 12K local outreach
      1. subscribers obtained from over 283 local OC Fashion Week shows for the past several seasons
    4. Select models to get whitening and/or cleaning before shoot
      1. must be pre-booked prior to shoot to have best results we encourage Yelp Reviews, Google and Facebook Reviews when promoting your services.
    5. Models are also asked to repost programs and post on their personal Insta page (most have 1-10k+ followers and influencers from 20k-190k 
    6. Your Logo is also Featured with links and offers on OC Fashion website
    7. Gift Bag Programs with product reviews are also encouraged during OC Fashion Week.