About Us

OC Fashion Week® is a global organization dedicated to international fashion trade and commerce.  Our advocacy program is built on our economy’s purchasing power as an indisputable fashion leader in the United States.  With over $45 billion  spent in retail (source: OC Business Journal) and a median household income over the national average, the OC has raised the profile of fashion in the United States as a fashion metropolis without the aid of Los Angeles County. A single fashion shopping destination, namely South Coast Plaza alone, has surpassed Rodeo Drive by 1.5 billion alone. 

“Without a doubt it is invaluable that we participate as a major fashion week as Orange County has become a leading tourism destination and fashion capital with the likes of Fashion Island, South Coast Plaza and other shopping meccas,” says Kathy Marino, producer of OC Fashion Week®. “Year-round the attraction of incomparable luxury retail stores justifies the large tourism experienced as the superior retail buying market begins here.”

OC Fashion Week®’s platform was built bi-annually to offer fashion designers West Coast diversity and exposure to some of the world’s leading retail buyers that not only live in OC, but attract their global counterparts who frequently do business on the California Riviera.  OC Fashion Week® includes a portfolio of fashion technology, international alliances in retail and fashion houses, and all-new emerging media powerhouses. 

In addition to be one of the leading retail markets in the pursuit of fashion, Orange County is also an influential presence among charitable giving. The charitable efforts made by the Orange County community are unmatched to the U.S. average and are paving the way for continued efforts.