Non-discrimination Policy

Racism is not tolerated at OC Fashion Week® Period. It is not tolerated in the form of entertainment, nor should it be used for bias media content, we condone it, as it causes polarization, and is above all unethical. We don't believe in racism in any shape or form. Anyone who works with OC Fashion Week® or uses OCFashionWeek's digital platforms must agree to our non-discimmination policy in our terms and conditions. 

If you’ve experienced discrimination, we’ll investigate the issue, take action, and if needed and we'll aim to help you.


Dedicated anti-discrimination team

OC Fashion Week® has a specialized team dedicated to making changes to our platform that help prevent and address discrimination, we have been diverse since our inception and we did not acquire a new 2020 program for diversity to exist; diversity is our being, our human being to be one in the same.



Organizations to Support in the Fight Against Asian Hate

Here are some groups and initiatives tosupport.