Kathy's notes

You need Social Media

  • Team Day 1
  • Team Day 2
  • Team Day 3

You need Social Media TakeOvers on multiple phones


Step and Repeat Wall / Merchandising

You need some in charge of Step and Repeat Wall and that is their only job

collecting logos picking up and setting up


You Need Someone in charge of exhibitors 

And that is their only job



You need someone in charge of selling tickets 

  • Advance Ticket Sales
  • Door Tickets
  • Seating  - 20 min fast pass holders
  • You need someone in charge of the marketing of the ticket passes
  • You need Model ID Cards and Model Benefits Health, Wellness, Healing
  • You need private venues for private Catwalk Shows and Venue campaigns
  • You Need Venue Marketing


One Hour Seat Claim


Model Castings 

  • Emergency 
  • We need fire 
  • No unauthorized candles for vendors
  • No can fire can be lit all food must be prepared
  • No Alcohol can be carried outside