OC Fashion Week Programs and Advocacies



In 2019, OC Fashion Week®’s mission is to focus on advocacy for the luxury market of California’s retail economy in the following ways: It’s key attributes are focused on its role as international partner for global commerce and exchange, as the leading retail market in the United States; it’s mission is to support emerging and established fashion designers and local retail businesses; and its partnerships toward a socially conscious retail industry that endorses charitable giving for its fashionably responsible advocacy.



OC Fashion Week® will also reveal a special guest who won the Best Emerging Designer Award in Athens, Greece at the Athens Xclusive Designer’s Week, which is part of an strategic alliance to support international emerging talent through an exchange program that featured local talent Coral Castillo last November in Athens, Greece this September 2019. Our programs also include the U.S. Virgin Islands with Fashionista Fashion Show.



OC Fashion Week® Buyers and Designers head to Hong Kong this April for Global Sources Fashion, one of the largest trade shows for sourcing. The new partnership signifies the first of its kind as the luxury market of California was recognized as a leading apparel buyer’s market to be an international conduit for commerce and exchange. OC Fashion Week® is the new California delegate for Global Sources Fashion.



The U.S. Census has revealed statistics that show compelling numbers that rank Orange County’s retail economy as a leading economic retail industry, surpassing some recognized fashion capital in economic per capita spending at $45.2 billion – without the aid of Los Angeles market (Source: OC Business Journal 2019). Its notable fashion hot spot as South Coast Plaza have surpassed highly recognized landmarks as Rodeo Drive in retail spend as a leading international shopping destination in the United States.




OC FASHION WEEK® identifies with local community charities as a leading county in the United States, dedicating much of its economy to social giving. OCFW’s Fashionably Responsible program works to spotlight charities at OC Fashion Week® both to advocate for a sustainable retail economy and charitable good.


MODELS ​- Model Casting is being held at Luminous Smiles in Newport Beach 11a.m. to 1 p.m.   All models are locally casted in Orange County, California this includes first-time runway models (FTR). Orange County Fashion Week® founded its First-time Runway Model program to encourage confidence, community and camaraderie and to support local community. The term was coined after emerging and student designers requested additional donor support. Models are encouraged to volunteer to support local emerging designers, but are offered paid projects in the off-season. All model participants are required to register online.



RUNWAY VENUES - Each Runway venue is held at a different fashion destination spot in Orange County based on the category of apparel and selected based on designer’s most frequent requests. Runway shows are coordinated by the Orange County Fashion Week’s own internal Runway Team, “Behind the Seams,” which includes local photographers.


FASHIONISTA NOW BOARDING® - OC FASHION WEEK®’S Official television and correspondent show highlights fashion designers and designers on fashion destination projects around the world.


#BEHINDTHESEAMS #BTS are The Runway teams are comprised of Orange County Fashion Week’s  local community leaders in retail, model and beauty. Project managers are trained alumni from its apprentice program “Fashioned for the Future.” 


#FASHIONEDFORTHEFUTURE ​- Youth and College students are encouraged to participate and are offered two seasons of internship training in the Fashioned for the Future program – and a fashion major is not required. After two seasons of intern work is offered, both front and back of house experience is offered. Skills are assessed and identified then, based on professionalism, reliability and punctuality, students are interviewed for paid projects based on their dynamic work skills and receive a Certificate of Achievement.


OC FASHION WEEK®'s advisory group comprised of leading fashion retailers and designers in local Orange County, California whose work is dedicated to supporting local emerging talent, fashion tourism, and overall advocates for the luxury market economy. Their support helps the success of OC Fashion Week’s international mission as a global conduit for international commerce and exchange, supporting emerging fashion designer talent and advocating for its semi-annual runway events for fashion tourism.