What is a project manager? Project Managers working in the OC Fashion Week® industry are responsible for planning, organizing, and directing the completion of specific Projects pertaining to either sponsors and/or designers. To be a project manager at OC Fashion Week requires Leadership, Technical Project Management skills, professionalism, time management and Strategic and Business Management.


Their work is allocated a budget which is obtained through a contracted percentage agreed % amount from an assigned account and only earned through completed task management. The project manager is not a sales position but more so a customer service representative to help ensure sponsor and /or designer deliverables are completed and met,  their position represents OC Fashion Week® in providing support with scheduled follow ups and written recap emails as proof of their work and correspondence with clients in the best interest of both OC Fashion Week® and the client. 


Project Managers receive Stage Payments: Stage payments are payments due when certain stages or other defined work activities of the project complete. 


Payment Plans: Many projects work on some form of payment plan that includes a down payment and some form of additional progress or monthly payments until a certain percentage of the estimated project has been billed.  Progress payments are typically based on milestones, so you will need to consult the project schedule (and have a good one) to approve these payments.  Once the final project is delivered and accepted, any remaining payments are made and received.


Should a project manager abandon a sponsor and/or designer by providing no correspondence and/or project management altogether, they stand to forfeit the account based on lack of written representation and/or communications of OC Fashion Week® brand for the client, their abandonment of support represents a forfeit of the account should another representative be required to oversee the execution of the account’s contracted program.  All projects are negotiated in writing and requests for a replacement project manager or representation on an account must be requested at least 7-10 business days in advance.