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On our runway seasons (6 months ) March - Sept
(12 months) Sept 2023- Sept 2024

Aside from our packages we do have more loyalty programs that can relinquish the broadcast/ air component,
of our land (foot traffic), air (broadcast/stream) and see (social media) campaigns. 

A. It will reduce pricing to $3,500 for 3 Months. It won't however have category exclusivity or naming rights, or step and repeat wall but your brand can be integrated through social media and you get to work with us backstage for all the social media action that offers over half a million impressions coming this weekend. 

B. After you secure social media images with runway models backstage, I would suggest using their runway looks with treatment packages and highlighting : Runway Ready packages that include Front Row Tix to 2024, we'll include those so that your packaging is incentive-based allowing for foot traffic to your store , yelp reviews and marketing packaging.

That might be easier than doing our 8k level with television etc. this would be more of a dynamic social media blitz
With Reels collaborations and strategic marketing. This custom offer is good for 48 hours. As its a dynamic discount. 
But customized to help your brand launch with us. 

#BackstagewithAlchemy43 @ocfashionweek

After OC Fashion Week® / October 2023
Pricing is $4,500k per 3 Months (1 Quarter) for all the above.
In the Spring we can do a Countdown to OC Fashion Week® Social Media Posts
Scheduling models and a Countdown featuring different services. Activated with viral packages that offer tickets
to generate an luxury amenity only received through your company. 4 FrontRow Fastpass includes Diamond Facial, champagne and 4 Front RowSeats courtesy of Alchemy43 March 2024. 
Social Star